Chinese Cartoonist Responds To Foxconn Suicides

Just like most topics which receive a great deal of international media attention, the Foxconn suicides were bound to get a response from people geographically closer to the incident.

According to MIC Gadget, this is how the image translates:

This comic shows the high building of Foxconn with a signboard put on top saying "Suicide is Forbidden, Suicide is harmful to health". And the man (representing Foxconn) pointing at the signboard says "We have tried our best", and the man with white costume says "I think is a problem of feng shui ". So, Foxconn needs to be oriented.

You can see more comics produced by the Chinese media in response to the Foxconn tragedies over at MIC Gadget along with corresponding translations and explanations. [MIC Gadget]

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