Cerevo Cam Now Supports Ustream Lifecasting

Japanese maker CEREVO's innovative product should've really gone on sale a couple of years ago when iJustine and co were at their peak, but I do appreciate a good camera with a unique twist - in this case, Ustream support.

While it's only available in Japan for now, a Western-world release is slated for this coming winter. The specs are pretty decent for a video camera, with movies being shot in 720p, and the battery providing enough juice for two hours of full livestreaming, which is done in the CIF 352 X 288 resolution. A quick YouTube upload function means you don't just have to share video footage in real-time, over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Storage is via the 4GB microSD card that comes bundled with the camcorder, and the LCD measures 2.4 inches - comparable with a Flip Mino or Ultra. If you're in Japan soon - or know of a friendly export company - it costs $US216. [Cerevo via CrunchGear]

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