Bullet 580 Blimp Is The World's Largest Airship - Which You Can Hire

Costing $US8 million, the Bullet 580 is the world's largest blimp, measuring 71m long and 6m in diameter. Able to be flown remotely or with a crew, you could rent it - for over $US300,000 a month.

If you do decide to rent it out for a month, you've got a long time of inflating ahead of you - it took six hours to inflate it with helium at Alabama's Garret Coliseum, where this picture was taken. Built from kevlar material which is 10 times stronger than steel, the blimp can hold up to 907kg of weight and travel 6096m high, travelling at 56km/h with a top speed of 129km/h.

While it'll be available to rent out at a later date, its first test flights will only occur this winter - so there's no promises you'll be flying over the Grand Canyon this Christmas. [E-Green Technologies via The Age]

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