Bugplug Does Battle Against Vampire Draw

Has saving energy ever sounded so exciting? No! And it's never looked as cool either, as it does with Bugplug, a little monster of a device that uses sensors to switch your electronics off when you leave the room.

Some planet-friendly endeavours have been successfully romanticised - our need for sustainable energy, for example, is already capturing the imaginations of many future problem solvers. But the act of turning off your gadgets when you leave the room? That one's hard to get excited about. It often involves shutting a lot of things down separately, and sometimes even requires you to get down on your hands and knees to flip some switch or pull some plug. That's not cute.

What is cute, though, is the Bugplug, a little monster designed by Ah&Oh Studios that uses sensors in its eyeballs to turn electronics on or off when you enter or leave the room. What a thought!

The creature's belly serves as a timer for setting how long the device should wait to cut the juice - if your routine involves moving from room to room a lot, you wouldn't want everything constantly powering down and then beeping back to life. But unused gadgets do suck a lot of power - even when they're in standby mode - and all it takes is one simple, attractive product to raise the next generation of gadget-lovers to think, "Hey, it doesn't make sense to leave these things on when I'm not using them."

The Bugplug won the ecogadget award at the Greener Gadget 2009 competition, and the designers are continuing to refine the idea. Hopefully some forward-thinking company will catch this bug soon. [Behance via Walyou]

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