Bugger The iPad, Why Not Check Out The ePad?

There are 26 letters in the alphabet. Apple's taken one of them as a prefix letter to the word pad, which means there are now 25 letters left for companies to make "me too" tablet products. Wait! Pioneer computers has just announced the ePad – better make that 24 letters left.

The ePad is an Android 1.6 powered tablet that will come in both 7-inch and 10-inch versions, with prices starting at $199 for 7 inches and $299 for 10 inches. It's powered by a VIA WM8505+ processor with 256MB or RAM, and between 2GB and 32GB of SSD storage. There built in 802.11b/g wireless and an accelerometer, plus optional external Bluetooth, GPS and 3G modules. Plus, it has a webcam.

The ePad will be launching at Computex in Taiwan next week. It almost definitely won't make a dent in iPad sales, but could hurt whoever comes out with the yPad...

[Pioneer Computers]

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