Buddy Radio Lets Your Grandma Broadcast Her Feelings To Twitter And Facebook

How does Grandma stay connected to you? Buddy Radio hopes to help the elderly by giving them an old school gadget - a basic radio - that combines new school technology - social networks - so they can broadcast their mood and ask for help.

Buddy Radio, a concept from UK-based Sidekick Studios, lets patients with long-term illnesses broadcast their mood to family, friends and professional care workers. A simple turn of the knob sends accompanying messages to Twitter, Facebook email, texts, etc. Like a "Hey, Grandma is sad" or "Yo, Grandma is happy". Registering their mood on a daily basis eases the stigma of reaching out for help while also simplifying the usefulness of social networks. In our world of multiple social networks that connects us to hundreds of friends, it's easy to forget Grandma. Buddy Radio keeps her in mind. [Fast Company]

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