Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

It's all about Google, Google Google this morning. Let's see what our benevolent overlords have for us today:

Cow Manure Will Power Data Centres In Coming Years Okay, it's not a Google story, but it's still kinda cool!

HTC Hero Owners Upgrading To Android 2.1 BEWARE Mostly U.S. relevant, but still worth thinking about if you're upgrading your OS on any device...

Android Now Has 50,000 Applications I wonder how many of them are free soundboards?

Android 2.2 Is 2x To 5x Faster For Apps (Plus More Features) Fast like a ninja.

Google TV Combines TV, Android, All The Internet Sounds VERY U.S. centric. Will see about local availability today.

Google Is Leapfrogging Apple Jump, Google. Jump!

Australian Customs Officials Will Search Your Laptop For Porn Oh, this makes me angry.

What Is Froyo? Like froghurt, isn't it?

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