Boeing Shows Off Futuristic Fighter Jet Designs

The US military is gonna need some new fighter jets at some point, probably after 2025. It's never too early for Boeing to start pitching for their business!

The two twin-engine concepts can both fly either with a pilot or without, and they definitely bear a strong resemblance to the famous stealth bomber.

They'll be replacing the F/A-18E/F, which entered into service only back in 1999, making them relatively new planes. But it takes so long to design, test and manufacture these planes, not to mention get through governmental red tape to authorise the purchases, that they have to start prepping a good 15 years before deliveries are anticipated.

My only concern is that there doesn't look to be much cargo space. What if you want to pack a lunch? Back to the drawing board, Boeing. [Flight Global, Thanks, Jason!]

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