Befuddled HD Will Fuel Your iPad Word Game Addiction

If you've ever played Scramble 2 or Bookworm on your iPad or iPhone, then you're bound to instantly understand Befuddled HD. It's a simple, yet incredibly addictive iPad word game which requires you to string together letters for points.

As soon as you form a word in Befuddled, the letters used will fall off the board only to be replaced with new ones - unlike with Scramble 2, of course - and you'll go on to form more words. The longer the words and the rarer the letters, the more points you get.

Something that's particularly neat about Befuddled is that you can actually have more than one active game board. This means that you can play a difficult game with more letter tiles and simply switch over to an easier game when you feel like a break.

The app will set you back $2.49 - just like its iPhone counterpart - and is available in the iTunes store now. [iTunes]

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