Avatar Blu-ray Sales Now Total 6.2m

Over six million people are officially nuts. That's the conclusion I've come to after hearing Avatar's now sold 6.2 million Blu-ray copies in the first three weeks since launch - that's a steady climb since the 2.7 million sold in the first four days.

That's 6.2 million Blu-rays in total, and 13.5million DVD sales. Let's sit on those figures for a while. These are sales from the last three weeks of release, from people who most likely know that the 3D Blu-ray and special edition Blu-ray will be coming out later this year/early next year.

Fair enough; maybe those people couldn't wait to watch it. But why not see it at the cinema? Even if they had already seen it at the cinema, why bother plunking $US40 down on a Blu-ray which - and let's be honest - won't be viewed more than once or twice this year.

Just to compare those numbers, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight racked up 16 million sales of both Blu-ray and DVDs together, 3.7 million less than James Cameron's Avatar. [Deadline via Blu-ray.com]

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