AT&T Takes A Commanding Lead... In Dropped Calls

AT&T may have improved their dropped call performance lately, but they've still got a lot of work to do. According to a recent survey from ChangeWave Research, AT&T customers experience 3x the percentage of dropped calls as Verizon users. Ouch.

Maybe the least surprising part of the survey was that those dropped calls led to consumer dissatisfaction, though this time AT&T shared the dishonourable mention with T-Mobile:

There's no question that AT&T has put serious resources behind improving their network, and major improvements are expected mid-year. But until users start actually feeling those improvements in their day to day lives - without having to resort to a MicroCell 3G - there are going to be a lot of folks interested in jumping ship if and when the iPhone ever hits Verizon. [ChangeWave via PC World]

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