Another Lost iPhone 4 Shows New Details

Here is another lost iPhone 4. The photos show it turned on - with some kind of console screen titled Inferno. The photos and video also show some new interesting details. Updated: Confirmed, the processor is an A4.

Here's the Apple-branded chip, which is a reduced version of the A4.

After enhancing the image, the chip is tagged:

339S0084 K4X2G643GE YN6024Z3 APL0398

The same as the processor in the iPad:

Externally, it seems like a sightly more polished version of the one lost in California. This one doesn't have the screws on its bottom, and the silkscreening seems final, showing 16GB. The screen looks really good, really sharp. Definitely higher resolution than the current generation, with a quality and viewing angle comparable to the iPad.

Knowing this, and since this lost iPhone 4 is located in Vietnam, it may very well be the final model. [Taoviet via MacRumors]

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