Another Foxconn Worker Kills Himself

Today, another of Foxconn's workers jumped to his death from a dorm window. The story goes that the 21-yea- old jumped (or fell) from his window, just like the nine who've died previously. This time, there's photos.

I don't have to say that Foxconn is facing an epidemic of social proportions - you've read our undercover report listing the resigned nature of its workers, the long days, the little hope they have of ever having a better life. You've seen the stolen photos of hurried moments inside the factories - the long lines for people queuing outside for a job. You've probably even seen the video of Foxconn guards (allegedly) beating up workers.

Now, one photo of a broken body lying twisted on the pavement, the paramedics standing over, says it all. If you want to see more, there's a video below - but really, I think we know enough by now. This has to change. [News163 via MIC Gadget]

UPDATE: I've removed the video that was previously embedded here, due to the fact that it apparently contains misinformation about the suicide, claiming he wasn't actually a Foxconn employee. Instead, please view these two news reports which are correct.

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