Android 2.2 Is 2x To 5x Faster For Apps (Plus More Features)

And to illustrate this point, below is a side-by-side of the same game on the same device, with the one running 2.2 running quite a lot faster than the one with 2.1.

Also, a number of Enterprise Exchange features.

There's also a Cloud-messaging feature, so you can, for example, send navigation directions from Google Maps from your computer to the GMaps on your Android. Another example: Reading an article from the desktop, then stopping and sending it to the device for later pickup.

Tethering! Portable hotspot! To demonstrate, they show Android hotspotting a Wi-Fi only iPad.

V8 for Android's browser, which brings 2-3x performance boost. And this demo, they show a 2.1 Android, a 2.2 Android and an iPad. And they claim Froyo is the world's fastest mobile browser.

2.2 also has access to the compass in the browser, in order to reorient the page according to your orientation. The camera is also accessible in the browser too.

They're also stressing their voice recognition for search.

Also, voice recognition plugged into Google Translate plugged into text to speech makes for an immediate speech to speech translator.

More app features: Searching apps, moving apps to your SD card, searching inside apps and updating all apps simultaneously (or auto-update).

And for devs, a bug reporting tool when an app crashes that shows the entire stack trace for devs to figure out what went wrong. Yay.

Oooh. When you download an app on the Android Marketplace on your computer, it over-the-air installs onto your device automatically without having to tether.

This over-the-air syncing works for music as well.

Streaming! Now you can stream songs from your iTunes library or other playback systems (non-DRMed tracks) to your Android wirelessly.

"I don't even know what ponies have to do with this slide." -Vic

And here, ads. they're demoing different ad formats for Android.

Here is the app. There's an ad on the bottom, and when you click on the ad it expands, then you can click on the Fandango link to buy tickets.

The conference attendees are so excited at the Sprint HTC EVO 4G being handed out to everyone here. BUT, it won't get 2.2 update for a few months.

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