Amateur Astronomers Continue To Amaze

It's been an amazing couple of weeks for amateur astronomers. Last Sunday, one of their ilk spied the super-secret X37-B space shuttle making the rounds and yesterday another imaged the ISS crossing paths with Jupiter - during the daytime!

Of course, Jupiter is about 588 million km from Earth and the ISS is roughly 400km, but this still makes for an incredibly cool little image. Did I mention it was taken at 9am yet? Well, it was.

Then there's this next image, showing the military's X37-B in orbit. We knew amateur astronomers had done this already, but last weekend we lacked any kind of media. Well here it is:

It's a bit grainy, so the rudimentary graphic serves to help decipher what's going on in the image. We're looking top-down, with the "flyswatter" solar panel extended and visible.

And here's Jupiter, Europa, Io and Ganymede during the day, just for kicks:

Nice job, fellas. [Universe Today via Discover]

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