Allan's DIY HTC Desire Dock Is A Work Of Art

Just bought a new HTC Desire and need a docking station? Don't buy one - make your own, like Allan did!

Allan's coworker Shaun was so impressed by Allan's masterpiece he sent us these photos, as well as some thoughts on the magic that went into the creation process:

Allan spent a good hour constructing this enviro friendly docking station. Notice the detail in construction. I still think its better than most of the cradled available at the moment.

He made the enviro desire dock because he is a tightass, but also creative and environmentally conscious, and needs a girlfriend. Inside there is a high tensile supporting bracket constructed from a cd packing envelope. One metre of enviro friendly stickytape. The holes were carefully carved using a screwdriver and scissors. The mini usb cable is integrated into the frame using androidtec glue. Future models will have an LED for a visual indicator that allan is sleeping on your couch.

I plan on standing on his dock later today and filming his response.

[Thanks Shaun]

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