A Working Halo Assault Rifle Is A Terrifying Thing

I'm sure that Halo assault rifle you mocked up for Halloween 2004 was nice and all. But unless it's also a fully functional Nerf gun that holds three magazines and "a bunch" of darts, you lose. Here's the video proof.

The weapon was created by Halo cosplayer Moz, who combined a cheap plastic toy gun, a Nerf rifle and some good ol' fashioned ballistics know-how to produce this monster. Honestly, we should all just be glad this guy's not in our paintball league. [405th via Kotaku]


    It's a Recon painted black with a couple of bits stuck on the barrel. Zero real work went into it. This getting a kotaku/giz post is a slap in the face to the cosplay and nerf modding communities that actually spend time and effort on their work.

    Now if it was fully automatic, then I'd be impressed.

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