30% Of Netbook Shoppers Wooed By iPad Instead

If the ergonomics of a tiny screen, keyboard and trackpad weren't enough to convince you that netbooks will cease to be the phenomenon they were as tablets come into play, just look at the results of this study.

Polling a sample size of "over 1000 distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States", Retrevo found that, of people who'd considered buying a netbook last year, 30 per cent ended up buying an iPad. (40 per cent bought the netbook after waiting to see the iPad unveiled, while the remaining 30 per cent bought a netbook without taking Apple's plans into account).

Keep in mind, the iPad was most probably a $US200 upsell to these netbook shoppers, or more.

I don't think that these results alone are enough to proclaim the iPad a runaway success. But of those who were initially attracted to netbooks (I assume they meant, rather than a laptop), the features people found most attractive were "portability", "price" and "battery". In other words, if the iPad drops in price, it could be set with other important criteria.

Of course, 7 per cent preferred a netbook over a laptop for "other" reasons, which I'm guessing fell into the "you know, it's tiny but it's got a full keyboard and runs a fully capable OS that includes handy programs like Flash - it's not just a big iPod touch or something" category. And that group will be clutching their Eee in their graves - and understandably. [Retrevo via VentureBeat]

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