You, Too, Can Own A Bulletproof Luxury Sub

Aspiring Bond villains take note: there's only one of these Nautilus VAS luxury submersibles on the market today, so if you don't act fast you risk losing out on a $US2.7 million submersible joyride like few others.

The VAS's "military grade" construction (which I'm assuming means "bulletproof", because life's more fun that way) may leave it blimp-like in exterior appearance, but on the inside it's all class: a restroom, a minibar, video/music players, even full size stairs! It's perfect for you yacht owners who are starting to get the feeling that being above water is for plebes.

The Nautilus VAS Mark III has room for five passengers and can travel up to six knots, and you can expect a total of up to four days underwater time without fear of drowning. It also features a Diver Lockout, meaning you can enter and exit at whim for a fully formed life under the sea.

ACT NOW. I'll expect my usual 10 per cent finder's fee. [JamesList via Bornrich]

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