Yahoo!7 Plus7 Launching On Panasonic TVs

There's a lot of hype around 3D at the moment, but the much more interesting technology making it into the current generation of TVs is video on demand. And today Panasonic announced that they have partnered with Yahoo!7 to offer 7Plus catch up TV content through their Viera CAST portal later this year.

The move makes Panasonic the second TV manufacturer to offer the video on demand service, following Sony's announcement earlier this year. It also makes their Viera CAST a lot more interesting, given that up until now it pretty much only supported YouTube and Picasa (and Bloomberg, but who cares about that?). Panasonic have also announced that they'll be offering Twitter through Viera CAST later this year, as well as Skype.

We know the ABC are talking to a range of manufacturers, and now that NineMSN has launched their web VOD service, it's only a matter of time before we see it on TVs. Which makes the whole video on demand market a lot more interesting.

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