Wii Game Ando Kensaku Tests Your Google Search Knowledge

Wii Game <em>Ando Kensaku</em> Tests Your Google Search Knowledge

Many an argument has been settled with comparing the number of Google search results, and while the initial victory is satisfying I never would’ve thought we’d see a Wii game inspired by it.

Developed in cooperation with Google (who has a rather cutesy image in Japan, as seen in their Street View video), Ando Kensaku is a game where the players have to choose which of the several search terms is most popular, with 14 mini-games in total. Sadly you can’t choose an Android as your avatar, and it won’t ever get released outside of Japan, but it’s nice knowing that Shigsy et al likes settling scores on Google just as much as we do. Out on the 29th of April. [Game Watch via Engadget]