Why You Don't Want To Counterfeit The Hideous New $US100 Bill

This is the new $US100 bill. It is revolting. But that's not the only reason you wouldn't want to try counterfeiting this malignantly redesigned slip of currency, the most counterfeited of all denominations.

It has two big new security features that had over a decade of R&D poured into them, and that odd blue stripe running down the centre is one of them: It's a 3D security ribbon, woven into the paper. Tilting the bill makes the bells in the ribbon dance from side to side.

The other is that cooper looking blotch next to Ben, "the Bell in the Inkwell". When you tilt the bill, the bell inside of the inkwell turns green. Besides the ribbon and the inkwell it has all of the old security features, like the portrait watermark, microprinting and colour-shifting numbers.

I think the fact it gives you a headache if you stare at it for too long is a pretty good defence mechanism too. [New Money]

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