Universities Banning iPads Due To Bandwidth Overload

Universities Banning iPads Due To Bandwidth Overload

You’d think iPads might be banned by schools because they distract students, but George Washington University and Princeton University have both put the kibosh on them because their Wi-Fi networks are way overloaded since the launch.

Bandwidth overload is a problem we’ve all encountered, but you’ve got to really feel sorry for those students trying to access internet – for proper school reasons – from their laptops, but are booted off because all their peers have now got ‘Pads.

Princeton University has blocked around 20 per cent of iPads from being able to access the network, and George Washington doesn’t support any Apple products, apparently. Cornell University’s IT director Steve Schuster said they had similar problems when the iPhone launched, but is “working to ensure the iPad does not have devastating consequences to our network”.

This comes after an entire country banned the iPad: Israel has found that the iPad’s Wi-Fi broadcasting works at higher levels than is normally accepted in Israel. [Fudzilla via TechRadar]

Image Credit: Jesman

UPDATE: Gizmodo reader Cintax has pointed us towards this Princeton report, which explains the problem they have with iPads on campus (22 of the 41 iPads, to be precise) are related to DHCP client malfunctions, which causes interference with other devices.