US iPad Has Restrictions For Australian App Store

Despite the fact that you can view iPad apps in the Australian iTunes store already, it seems you can't actually buy them if you've picked up an iPad from the US.

If you want to download apps for your shiny new iPad from the US you'll need to set up a US iTunes account, which could be problematic if you've already got a heap of apps from the AU store that you want to port and upscale (even though they look like arse). Of course, if you were that desperate to get your hands on an iPad in the first place, you've probably got a US iTunes account already anyway.

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    No! I have someone in L.A. as I type buying an iPad for me. Should I pull out? How hard is it to get an American iTunes account? Sounds messy. Abort! Abort!

      Just get them to buy a pre-paid iTunes card for you when they get the ipad (maybe a couple of US$50 cards should last a while i imagine?). That's the easiest way (and use their address when setting up the account - or use a business address in the US). I have both a US and AU iTunes account that I use on my iPhone - works fine.

      Just ask your friend to pick up a few iTunes gift cards while he's in the store. You can then have a US iTunes account, but you will need to register a different email address. But it's a pain in the arse when you have apps from more than one account, because you need to switch accounts in order to get them updated.

      I've gone ahead with it because it looks like you can set up the US iTunes account with a gift card. Would I be right in assuming that I will have to keep purchasing US iTunes cards to buy content or would Aussie ones do the trick?

      You can buy apps for the iPad via iTunes Australia using your computer then sync to the iPad with no problems whatsoever. No need for a US account! Just type iPad on the app search bar on iTunes and you'll see all the iPad apps. First thing I got was Korg's iElectribe. You just can't download straight into the iPad from the app store on the iPad itself. The iPad is awesome! Go ahead and get one...

    Thats not entirely accurate. I have downloaded a few in itunes on my PC - I assume they will sync to an iPad. I am assuming you mean you cannot connect to the app store on an iPad. At least doing it on a computer is a workaround.

    because iPad hasn't launch in Australia yet.

    You could just wait another 3 weeks

    Would be great if you can keep a running update on this situation, because like others, I am planning to pick up an ipad in the US in a couple of weeks.

      I'm from Australia. I have bought a Ipad and mannaged to install apps through the itunes with a US account that i made instantly. Apps works normal. the only app that doesnt work now, is the ABC player due to copyrights in this country. maby because it didnt lonch in Australia yet.

    Setting up an Itunes account in the US is a piece of piss and doesn't require you to have a US credit card. My hot tip is gift certs from the US.

    I downloaded an iPad App via FreeAppADay (no US account), don't know if it works because I don't have an iPad

    Do the recent changes in the ToS ( make any difference? ie. are Apple actually using "technologies" (presumably IP address filtering?) to prevent people purchasing from the US store when they're outside the US?

    You can still get iPad apps on iTunes on your Mac/PC, and sync those.

    I don't understand the issue? I have an Australian iTunes account and had no problems getting any iPad apps. I currently have aprrox 100 iPhone apps, 6 universal apps (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and 2 iPad only apps in my Apps section in iTunes. They are grouped in iTunes in the following order:
    1. iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Apps (iTunes uses the comma before an "and")
    2. iPhone and iPod touch Apps
    3. iPad Apps

      Sorry, I miss read the post. This is apparently an issue when using the app store on the iPad with an Australian account. I don't do this; I just use iTunes on my Mac and then sync.

    Just to confirm, you can get iPad apps on your iPad through the iTunes App Store. There are no iPad categories as yet, but I searched for the particular apps that I was interested in like Marvel Comics and was able to download them. I've also been able to download the free comics within Marvel Comics app. There's no iBook Store app available, but I was able to download the Kindle App and make a purchase within that with an Australian address.

    I was a bit worried about not having much to do with the iPad after seeing this article, but other than the Apple productivity apps and the iBook Store app, it's all good.

    Australia is restricted from certain iPad apps at the moment - the iWork ones aren't available for purchase here, but all the other big ones seems available for purchase already.

    This might help:

    Other options are to get an American friend to buy you a gift card or use a credit card which on the US iTunes store, even if only to buy a gift card. That's how I did it...

      Also, to clarify things...

      - You can buy iPad apps from the Australian or US (and probably others) store using the iTunes app on a desktop computer.

      - When using the App Store app on an iPad, if you try using it while logged in with an Australian (or probably any non-US account), you get the error in the screenshot above. Login using a US account and all is well.

      - There are still some apps that are US iTunes only, but they're rare.

      - I have an Australian and a US iTunes account and I've used the Australian account (using iTunes on a desktop) to buy everything except 2 apps, NFS and iWork Pages. Both sync fine and everything is normal. You can always get updates to apps bought from either account, by switching your login over.

      - I've tested it and it's the same with other iPad apps which connect to the App Store such as iBooks and iTunes.

        Of course this will change once the iPad is released internationally, and it won't be dependent upon where you bought your iPad. iPads bought from the US will automatically be able to use Australian iTunes accounts just like the iPhone does now. So, if you buy a US iPad now you'll only have to deal with this stuff for a few weeks, and at worst you'll spend a few dollars using a US iTunes account.

    Sorry but who cares? With the limitations of this 1st generation iPad there is no way I would waste my money buying one, let alone worry about the fact that I can't get apps for it here.


      You're right. Not sure how I didn't notice. This thing is terrible. I can't even email on it! Browsing is just hideous. I can't even play Flash videos cos every site I visit has switched over to these fancy new fast HTML5 video players, which you'd think would be great.

      Anybody want a free iPad? I want this thing out of my life!

    Well when we get the iPad maybe iPads from the US will load up the store just fine??

      Yep, as it says 4 comments back...

    Hi guy just to let you know it looks like we wont be getting the ipad and the end of this month just found out that apple usa is running very low on stock and delivery times have gone from overnight to 2 to 3 weeks and our launch date in australia is going to be extended maybe till june

    No, you story is wrong. I bought an iPad a month ago from a US Ebay vendor and have downloaded maybe 50 ipad apps without problems. Some apps, such as iWorks and some with copyright issues, are not yet available in Australia, but should be from May 28. The only real restriction is you can't download with your iPad Appstore app, you must do it using iTunes and then sync until the iPad store goes online.

    First of all I would be happy to have your ipad
    second the only way u can use an ipad from us in aus is if, 1 you set up a us itunes account and have either a credit card registered in the us or a us itunes card keeping in mind that you need a fake american address and more itunes cards as u want them.

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