Twitter, Chumby And A Cuckoo Bird Walk Into A Clock...

The Twitwee Clock is one ungodly amalgam: part Cuckoo Clock, part Chumby, part Twitter updater. And it's customisable; you can make that little bird sing based on Twitter keywords of your choosing. Advice: don't set it to "Justin Bieber".

These aren't for sale at the moment, but if you're driven to build your own Twitwee clock out of loneliness or boredom, here's a glimpse at how the internals are set up:

From a technical point of view the clock consists of a touch screen display with a controller board and a wifi dongle, that is distributed as an open source/ open hardware plattform with a linux operating system by Chumby Industries. On the device there is a Flash Lite Player installed, a flash runtime for mobile devices from Adobe. A custom built widget for the Twitwee Clock connects to the Twitter API to receive new tweets. The mechanic of the cuckoo is controlled by the Arduino Board.

Cuckoo, indeed. [Haroon Baig via The Daily What]

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