Toshiba's 2D To 3D Cell Regza TVs On Sale This Winter

Joining Sony with a wintertime 3D launch, Toshiba's 3D Regza LCD TVs will use the 2D-3D conversion cell processor technology that we saw at CES.

Panasonic and Samsung already have their 3D sets for sale now, with Sharp's yellow-hued tellies also going down the 3D route later this year. Toshiba has a battle on its hands though, with Panasonic's plasmas already impressing us far more than LCDs - and typically, Toshiba's cell processor sets tend to be very pricey indeed.

Also, as with their DVD upscaling business, they're going to have a tough time convincing customers that converting 2D images to 3D actually works. I'm no fan of sprinkling fairy-dust over the cracks, but will definitely give it a chance in the hopes it could do something with the piles of DVDs I've got. Having said that, I'm still very much undecided about 3DTV& - it actually makes me feel quite sick. Nonetheless, we've only got a few more months to wait before Toshiba's cell Regza TVs hit the shops, but in the meantime do brush up on what Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are doing in this sphere too. [Nikkei via UberGizmo]

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