Toshiba Regza Z1 LED TVs Can Record Over LAN

Toshiba introduced a whole mess of new Regza LED LCD TVs today over in Japan, but it's the Z1 series that grabbed our attention: 37- to 55-inch, edge-lit LEDs with USB and LAN recording functionality. Gimme!

A TV that can record over LAN isn't something that we've seen before, and would be a neat little home entertainment feature. As part of today's announcement. Toshiba's also rolling out its first Regza-branded HDD (for said recording, and sold separately). The Z1 series also features video-on-demand support, 10Wx2 speakers, Regza Link, 4HDMI interfaces and an SD/SDHC slot. The pricing will range from $US2700 to $US5200 when they're released this winter in Japan. The rest of us will just have to be patient. [Toshiba (translated) via CrunchGear]

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