TiVo Adds Disney Content To Caspa VOD Service

The folks at HybridTV, the Aussie distributors of TiVo, have just announced that they've added Disney content to their VOD Caspa service. But it's not just cartoons – it also includes ABC content like Lost, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty, plus movies like Up!.

It's not just new content either, but includes back catalogue of some of your favourite shows. It might just be that today's the first day, but it seems that at the moment, there's only a part of the first season available for each of these new programs. Although we're still really waiting for Caspa to introduce the advertiser funded VOD service - $3 an episode for a TV show is way too pricey.

But ultimately, more content is always better, and it also means that TiVo's catalogue of VOD content has now breached the 2000-hour mark. Which is a pretty impressive feat for a service less than six months old.

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