Time Traveller Captured In Museum Photograph

When you look at most of the two dozen or so people in this photograph, which belongs to a Canadian museum, there's no doubt that they're from 1940, the year in which it was taken. But what about that guy?

Those funky sunglasses? That stamped t-shirt and hippie shawl? The doofy, disinterested expression? He sure as hell doesn't look like any Roosevelt-era bro I have ever seen. Maybe that's it - he looks like a "bro", which we all know didn't come into existence until the 1970s, at the earliest.

Forgetomori has an extensive analysis of the photo and the mystery man, and, with some help from members of ATS, points out that no single item of his wardrobe is technically out of period.

But his entire essence, especially in contrast to the sea of fedoras and 1940s enthusiasm around him, screams that he's from another era entirely. Sorry, time travel bro, you were spotted. [Forgetomori via BoingBoing]


    A - if he's so strange for the period why aren't all the others looking at him?

    B - Why is he looking in a slightly differnet direction than all the others in the photo?

    I think he's superimposed.

    the woman in the top right hand corner is in fact the wicked witch of the west, i just saw her sing in wicked!!

    He is holding a DSLR - Identify the model and we can determine when he came from...

      It could be a regular SLR

    It's clear that the guy is a college student or grad, the t shirt looks like a frat or sports shirt.

    He is wearing what looks like a home knitted cardy.

    His shades look like authentic period smoked glass glasses with protective side screens - similar to welders' glasses.

    His camera appears to be a box Brownie, common in the 40's

    Finally his haircut is a typical 1940's short back and sides.

    He certainly looks different from other males in the pic, but nothing unusual or out of place, but give him a year or two, he would be in uniform.

      Well said that man, it is interesting how silly and how quickly people get wound up though. :)

    A-whatevers happening, it looks as if its more interesting to them than some bloke in funny clothes.

    B-hes wearing sunglasses, he could be looking anywhere.

    i thought he was edited in, but the shadows are perfect,
    and if he is edited in, they did a bloody brilliant job.

    People probably thought he was a freak at the time. But he looks pretty cool. He was just way ahead of his time. Great photo

    The shorter woman in the dark hat, just in front of him, is looking in the same direction also. Perhaps just a little to the right.

    Why fit in with the times, when you can be odd and remembered forever?

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