This Solid Steel Mouse Pad Looks Sharp

Greensforged sells handmade steel mouse pads. Their lineup includes the Cirque du Pwnage, the Teardrop and the Hugepad. They're all steel and they're all badass. But the The Ravenholm, with a circular saw design, is the baddest-ass of them all.

The Ravenholm, made of 1/8-inch hot-rolled steel sheet, can be yours for only $US50. It not only provides a "low-friction gliding surface that maximises laser sensitivity" but will convince you that you're the meanest son of a bitch in whatever multiplayer match you find yourself in.

Greensforged will stamp custom text on any of their pads, and, if you're so inclined, will even work with you to cut a steel pad of your own design. Seems like a sound investment, if not for the benefit of your mouse then just for the safety of your person. [Greensforged via CrunchGear]

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