This Is A Newspaper On The iPad

On the one hand, you have the New York Times: "I am an internet news application!" And then you have the Wall Street Journal: "I am a colour newspaper!" And then you have USA Today: "I like Skittles!"

Even before we've used them, we can see that they're all groping toward what a newspaper should be like on the iPad, with slightly different philosophies, revealed by the subtle design differences: The tan shading of the Journal, proclaiming it is a newspaper, versus the more overtly app-like appearance of the Times, which bears a strong resemblance to its original Times Reader application. And then there's the USA Today, the newspaper that's always been written more like a news broadcast than a real paper, with a colourful popover widget - it doesn't need to be immersive because it never has been.

I suspect they could all look vastly different in a year. [iTunes/NYT, iTunes/WSJ, USA Today]

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