This Computer/Amp Combo Overclocks To 11

Is the OPC Computer Amplifier a guitar amp with a bonus computer or a computer with a bonus guitar amp? The look suggests the former. The 500GB HDD, GeForce 9300 graphics card and Windows 7 OS suggest the latter.

OK, to be honest, the answer is A. The OPC is the latest and greatest from Orange, a well-respected British amp-making outfit, though that doesn't necessarily mean the system skimps on the specs:

4GB DDR2 RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Intel chips, Windows 7 x64 home premium, 8 x USB2.0 ports, is Wi-Fi enabled and has an integrated GeForce 9300 graphics card with an optional dedicated ATI 5670 512MB card for those who may want to play a few games while they put their guitars down.

The OPC will include software that models a number of vintage amps and features a unique cooling system that uses the air blown out of the speaker. The company also claims that it's the first computer to have a built-in universal input jack for recording from instruments, microphones and other digital sources like MP3 players.

OK, so it might not be the most obvious pairing, but for a music-making geek with an itty-bitty apartment, it's certainly one way to save space. Though the price hasn't yet been announced, the OPC will be available in June. [Orange via Awesomer]

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