The Ultimate Board Game Table Makes Playing D&D Serious Business

Back before you young whippersnappers had your video games, game geeks played board games. You know, with physical pieces and paper for keeping score? And Geek Chic makes incredible custom tables for people still into those old-school games.

The tables are pretty amazing looking. They're designed to work as normal dining room tables or whathaveyou, but they also transform to show where you're hiding your huge games. There are layered play surfaces for many types of game boards, stations for Game Masters to sit at, drawers and shelves aplenty for rule books and game pieces, and all sorts of other lovingly-detailed features.

Of course, with the sweet Sultan table starting at $US8850, this is for the most serious of D&D fans only, but if you've got the scratch and a group of friends into playing board games, this is one way to guarantee that game night will always be at your place. [Geek Chic via Youth Radio via Boing Boing]

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