The Robo-Skateboard: For Pipedreams Only

Costing about $US1000 and weighing 15kg, the Robo-Skateboard out of the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo will shred pipes of the dream-based variety when it arrives in 2013.

The board operates much like the Segway: Learn forward, go forward; lean back, go backward. Four load sensors in the corners assist with manoeuvring, which in turn will help when people walking alongside you need to pass because you're only going 9.7km/h (top speed).

Also, no heavy or husky riders need apply - the board can only support about 80kg.

Fun idea, in theory, but until the speed, weight, price and battery life all see improvements, the only grinding this ambitious little project will be doing is in the lab. [Nikkei via CrunchGear]

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