The New Guts Of The PlayStation 3

This is the latest motherboard of the latest PS3 Slim. And thanks to those two silver squares in the middle, it's less power-hungry and more profitable (err, potentially profitable) than ever before.

The silver square on the left is the 45nm cell processor - it started shipping with the PS3 Slim redesign. But the silver square on the right? That's the new RSX GPU, which is now manufactured at the 45nm scale as well.

Expect a 15 per cent decrease in overall PS3 power consumption (vs the last PS3 Slim!) thanks to the upgrade, as well as a PS3 that's overall less likely to overheat. And in case you cared about Sony's bottom line - and unless you hold stock, why would you - fewer, simplified cooling components coupled with the smaller GPU (that itself has less adjoining chips) mean that Sony may be in the black on each PS3 Slim that leaves Walmart or wherever cool kids shop these days. [PlayStation University via gameindustrybiz via Engadget]

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