The Flexible, Solar-Powered Wrist Displays Of War

The Flexible, Solar-Powered Wrist Displays Of War

In future wars, our soldiers will be equipped with flexible, solar-powered computer displays on their wrists. And making it work has required a complete rethinking of how flexible displays are made.

HP’s working on the technology, and hopes to have practical samples in use sometime next year. The displays will use E-Ink, powered by a thin layer of electronics and solar cells integrated into surrounding fabric. The innovation comes in the manufacturing process to help scale production:

The idea is to create displays that can be produced continuously, like newspapers rolling off a printing press, instead of the batch production that traditional displays use, which is more like the way cookies are cut. Roll-to-roll manufacturing would result in displays that are not just bendable but also relatively inexpensive to produce.

Soldiers would be able to read maps, directions, Gizmodo, etc, from the field without being burdened by heavy gadgetry and batteries.

Now just tell me where I can get the rest of that armoured suit, and we’ll be all set. [Wired]