Tattletale Pills Reveal When You're Off Your Meds

Maybe you're forgetful, completely insane or part of a clinical trial - whatever the reason, someone needs to know if and when you're taking your medication. The simples way of keeping track of your swallowing habits? Let the pills tattle.

Folks at the University of Florida have devised a capsule which is coated with a "label embossed with silvery lines" and contains an itty-bitty microchip. The lines on the capsule are actually its antenna and allow it to communicate with a "small electronic device carried or worn by the patient". The device sends a signal to a mobile phone, laptop or similar device to notify whoever's keeping track of the patient's medication intake.

The neat thing is that the pill requires no battery as it receives its power from "imperceptible bursts of extremely low-voltage electricity" sent by the little electronic device which acts as a receiver. Oh, and the microchip and such pass through the gastrointestinal track at the end. [UFL via Pop Sci]

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