Take The Ford To Work, Leave The BMW For The Nanny

I don't know exactly what people are buying novelty spy cameras for these days, but I guess babysitter surveillance is as timeless a concern as any. Brando's newest motion-activated spy gizmo takes the shape of a small luxury automobile.

The rechargeable car shoots 29fps colour video at 1280x960 resolution and snaps still shots as well, storing them in the trunk on an SDHC card. You can set it to start recording when triggered by sound or motion.

The package comes with a charging kit and a Gorilla Pod-esque suction cup monopod. Don't worry, no one one will wonder why you have a MatchBox car on the end of a monopod. The matchbox cam is $US60, and it might be the only chance you ever have to afford a Beemer. [Brando]

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