Sony Sued For Pulling PS3 Linux Support

On March 27, Sony's PS3 3.21 firmware update removed the ability to run other operating systems on the device - most notably Linux. Three weeks later, they're facing a class action suit. Good.

The suit, filed on Tuesday by Anthony Ventura, alleges that Sony has violated their sales contract by taking out an advertised feature. And while Sony's motivation - presumably to curb the piracy that Linux enabled - makes sense from a business perspective, they probably should have thought of that before allowing Linux support in the first place.

The lawsuit would cover anyone who purchased and kept a PS3 (not PS3 Slim, which never supported other OSes in the first place) from its November 2006 launch to when the update first became available, and damages sought are over $US5 million. [Eurogamer via Electronista]

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