Sleek Audio's Aluminium, Carbon Fibre Headphones Will Last For Years

Buy these headphones, and they'll last your whole life. Or so Sleek Audio claims - but at $US400, you'd hope they'd last longer than your last pair of Sennheisers.

Pictured above is the latest SA7 pair, which are made from military-grade solid aluminium and carbon fibre, with the two drivers both protected by shock-absorbent silicone which should most definitely survive your daily use - these babies can withstand 14,000 Gs, according to Sleek Audio.

Audio quality is actually heightened by the aluminium design, with an extra octave of sound promised thanks to the extra space created by using the material. On sale soon, they'll be priced between $US350-$US400, with the wireless option costing $US100 extra. [Sleek Audio via PopSci]

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