See Android Market Grow: 9330 Apps Added Last Month

The Android Market still has a lot of catching up to do, but they're certainly picking up the pace: in March, over 9000 applications were added. But more apps could mean more problems.

One of the advantages of the Android Market so far is that though smaller, it's been relatively free of junk and redundancy. But that's the inevitable trade-off with a large ecosystem: the more viable a platform becomes, the more developers it's going to attract of all stripes.

But Android Market's openness, while certainly an asset in promoting growth, could also make for major clutter down the line. Even with an approval process, Apple's App Store has plenty of worthless or copycat applications. Without any sort of filter, Android Market could quickly become an unwieldy bazaar.

For now, though, it's incredibly impressive growth: from a 5532 app increase in February to being up 9331 in March. There are just over 27,000 apps in the Android Market today; let's hope most of them stay useful. [AndroidLib via phoneArena]

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