Scrabble Makers Relent On Proper Nouns

Good news, Scrabble fiends! Mattel, the Willy Wonka-esque makers of most board games, has relented under the pressure of unimaginative word sleuths by allowing proper nouns onto the chequered boards.

The rules have been changed after 62 years, to "enable young players" an easier ride. Presumably Mattel wants to scrape back some dewy-soft hands from Wii controllers, though undoubtedly there's bound to be issues when the young 'uns are playing against gramps, who can remember the good ol' days when words such as "Beyonce" and "innit" wouldn't award their players points.

No word whether the various Facebook, iPhone and iPad Scrabble rip-offs will allow the new change in rules. [Telegraph]

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