Samsung’s Got Some Video On Demand Stuff Too

Samsung’s Got Some Video On Demand Stuff Too

Not content with just rolling out the country’s first 3DTV, Samsung’s new lineup of screens will also feature a whole heap of internet-enabled features, including an agreement with BigPond Movies that will launch sometime later this year.

On top of the same DLNA functionality Samsung TVs have had for a couple of generations now, Samsung have launched an application portal for their internet-enabled TVs.

There will be 35 apps available at launch which will include Skype, YouTube, Twitter and Picasa, plus a whole heap of online games sure to be hamstrung by the controller being a TV remote control. But Samsung and Telstra also announced today that BigPond Movies will be made available for the service sometime later this year (although they wouldn't really give us any more information than that), and Samsung have said that most of the apps currently being worked on are VOD apps. They also admitted to being in talks with the FTA commercial networks, which means we'll probably see iView (although that's currently unconfirmed) in the not too distant future.

The TVs will support both Yahoo! widgets and apps developed using Samsung's own SDK. There is an approval process to go through though for potential developers, but there's also the potential side benefit of being able to easily port your app from the TV to Samsung's Bada platform (or vice versa).

Apps are all free at the moment, although Samsung envisage that over time there will be paid apps available as well, plus free to download subscription based apps as well.

Although there's no real content available from launch like Sony had with Yahoo!7, the fact that Samsung has opened up an application platform means that their implementation could be a little bit more exciting, at least once some VOD content starts popping up on there...