Rumour: Core i5/i7 MacBooks Coming This Month

I’ve got plenty of questions about this report (like, who the hell is Apple Daily?), but a lot of the pieces fit: rumour has it that Core i5 and i7 MacBooks are coming this month. This would be great news, for people who want MacBooks!

Alternately, this would be sad news for all us morons who bought a MacBook after the last refresh. They’re also claiming across-the-board HDD upgrades (up to 640GB) and SSD options (up to 248GB), with 8-hour battery life for all models. Why hasn’t it happened sooner? Manufacturing delay for 32nm Arrandale parts! Which kinda makes sense, but didn’t seem to stop a plethora of other i5/i7 notebooks from launching in the meantime.

Despite the questionable sourcing and delay theory, this does jibe with earlier reports of a pile of new Apple SKUs leaked to us in February, and with common sense – Apple’s going to have to start using Intel’s latest sometime. [MacRumors via Ars]