Reuters Cameraman Dies, Leaves Violent Footage Behind

Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto died in a hospital after being shot in a Bangkok protest Saturday. His legacy, beyond his two children, will most likely be the seven minutes of footage found in his camera, turned in by protesters.

Reuters hasn't released the full, uncut footage of the event, but they have shared a few key scenes captured by Muramoto - red-shirted protesters carrying a variety of implements, soldiers collapsing after a grenade explodes nearby - that make the instances behind his eventual death but a small leap of the imagination.

You can view some of the footage here.

Every time we see images of violent protest and war, we inherently take for granted those who put their lives at risk to capture such moments. In exploring the world from our couches and desk chairs, it's easy to forget that real people are out there, in the shit, working to make such conveniences possible and sometimes dying for them. [Reuters via @SteveHandy]

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