Plenty Of Apple Stores Still Have iPads In Stock

Plenty Of Apple Stores Still Have iPads In Stock

For all that Saturday line-sitting, you’d think that every iPad in the world would’ve been snatched up by lunchtime. Nope! Many Best Buys are sold out, but most Apple stores have iPads in stock with more on the way tomorrow.

This afternoon we called around to stores across the States to see where iPads could still be had. All the Best Buys we called were sold out and reported that they were expecting shipments next week. We had heard previously that their big push would be next Sunday, so that all makes sense.

Most Apple stores, however, said they had plenty of iPads in stock, and stores in big cities – New York and San Francisco, in particular – made it sound like you could stroll in anytime this week and pick one up. Smaller stores said you’d do best to make your purchase ASAP, though several stores reported that they were getting new shipments tomorrow.

So, yeah, if the relentless iPad chatter has broken you down and you’re ready to take the plunge, there’s still plenty of places where you can do so. And if you were sick of hearing about the iPad and were hoping that a supply shortage would at least offer a brief reprieve, well, you’re out of luck.

Thanks to intern Casey for manning the phones.

Image credit Jean-Guy Niquet