PlayStation Network Updates Move To Tuesdays

Right now, Xbox Live releases content like new downloadable games on Tuesdays while PSN doesn't offer (what's often the same) content until the following Thursday. But this May, Sony will shift weekly updates to Tuesdays to match Microsoft.

If I were Sony, I'd move my releases to Monday... or even Sunday to stick it to Microsoft. Heck, I'd start releasing games on Tuesday, but I'd do it the Tuesday one week before! Or maybe I'd release, like, everything a year before Microsoft, or two years, or three years. Maybe I'd take, like, Halo 4 - actually, make that HALO FREAKING FIVE - release it tomorrow (out of complete nowhere!!) and just distribute it free on PSN. Maybe I'd even pay people to download it with a redemption offer. You know, something like, download Halo 4 over PlayStation Network today, then download Gears of War 3 - actually, make that GEARS OF WAR SEVEN - free when that hits next year. How would you pass that deal up? [PlayStation Blog via Joystiq]

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