Plastic Logic Que Still Delayed, But Could I Interest You In Plastic Logic?

The promising-but-pricey Plastic Logic Que was enticing when first announced, but extensive delays have made it less appealing. Still, major Plastic Logic investor Herrman Hauser selflessly thinks now would be the perfect time for someone to buy up the company.

The fact that Hauser would see a "multiple" on his portion of the $US200 million invested in Plastic Logic out of any sale can't have anything to do with it. No, Hauser just thinks Plastic Logic is an ideal investment for any right-minded individual, according to the Financial Times:

"Plastic Logic is using the simplest invention in plastic electronics, a single transistor that switches a particular pixel on or off," says Mr Hauser. The real potential, he explains, is in creating plastic integrated circuits capable of complex functions, a feat that Plastic Logic co-founder Henning Sirringhaus has just achieved. Mr Hauser says: "Plastic electronics will spawn dozens of companies taking advantage of different aspects of integrated circuits in the same way that silicon has."

Then again, as the FT points out, you could also end up buying just an ebook reader company that still hasn't sold any actual, you know, ebook readers. [FT via WSJ]

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