Plants Vs Zombies HD

<em>Plants Vs Zombies</em> HD

It’s been widely acclaimed on almost every portable platform known to man, but I admit, I avoided Plants Vs Zombies, much because I knew it was coming to the iPad at a higher resolution.

The game is beautiful, and tower defence titles (of which I’m a huge, huge fan) obviously work wonderfully on a large touchscreen. I was quickly suckered into way too much “test” time with Plants Vs Zombies, despite it being far simpler than the hardcore tower defence games I usually play (you don’t route enemies through a maze like other games, and towers don’t have quite the same rock, paper, scissors effects). It’s just charming, addictive eye candy. My only real complaint is that this, along with many other “HD” games don’t include a free version for my iPhone. $13. [iTunes]

Great, yet another tower defence game that I’m going to spend hours playing.