Ping Clothing Delivers Updates With Simple Taps On The Shoulder

Having seen "sewable computing" at the MIT Media Centre firsthand, I can say something like Ping clothing will exist someday soon. Whether that excites or dismays you is probably dependent on just how connected you think human beings should be.

If wearable, always-on computing gets you hot and bothered, read on, because Ping clothing promises to do just that, constantly.

Social media updates? Text message alerts? No need to keep checking that smartphone. Ping, thanks to embedded electronics and haptics, will simply tap you on the shoulder. And just as it is with custom ringtones, you will be able to assign different tap intensities or patterns to different callers. Aggressive, annoying tap? Probably your mother-in-law. Bro hug feedback around the shoulders? Beer drinking buddy. Nether region massage? Well, you get the idea.

A concept for now, Ping will most likely be real in some form or another in the near future. In the meantime there's a bunch of sexy pictures over at Electric Foxy of models wearing Ping concept designs. [Electric Foxy via DVICE]

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